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Accelerating technology led solutions via strategic insights, network, market growth, and capital markets execution…in a process tailored to our clients' core mission and values.
Value Builders and Partners
Strategy and Marketplace Development
We actively engage with our global clients in key market segments where we leverage our strong domain expertise and global relationships to accelerate revenues. We design with our clients fit for purpose operating models, execution strategies and facilitating strategic resources to implement these strategies. We deliver clients to our clients.
Efficient Capital Markets Resources
We have relationships with domestic and global institutional investors that are focused on our key market segments. We seek through process disciplines, to optimize valuation multiples and outcomes for capital providers, use case owners and society in aggregate.
Texture Capital our blockchain powered marketplace for digital securities
Texture Capital is a part of our capital markets ecosystem as a FINRA registered Broker Dealer platform through which we compliantly raise capital for our clients. Texture Capital is one of a handful of registered BD firms approved to offer Security Token Offerings for private company capital formation using blockchain distributed ledger and smart contracts. This year we are launching several marketplaces powered by Texture Capital.
Our Marketplace Domains: where innovation is accelerated at the speed of relevance.
Banking & FinTech
Expertise in banking risk management to drive financial innovation and stability. Accelerating FinTech using AI into core banking use cases including markets, compliance, risk and regulatory driven innovation needs.
Critical Infrastructure Security & Defense
Supporting and accelerating innovation in strategies and technologies that protect and serve both national and international interests in cybersecurity and protection of critical infrastructure. We work at the nexus of the public and private sectors, accelerating innovation at the speed of relevance for our clients and their stakeholders.
Environmental Impact & Sustainability
Commitment to smart technology development that offers economically sound, strong impact in environmental and sustainability use cases. Increasingly our diverse clients are blending their visions across impact initiatives and goals. We design execution models and implementation strategies, alongside diverse stakeholders to achieve measurable success. Our domain expertise and clientele includes- Smart city, Energy Management, AgriTech, etc
Web3.0 - Blockchain
We are participating in the building the next generation of technology infrastructure that will further enable the democratization of capital. Using the robust technology of blockchain and smart contracts, coupled with a strong regulatory compliance infrastructure - we can provide frictionless solutions for RWA tokenization on the blockchain. These Web3.0 leaning solutions take advantage of the blockchain's Liquidity, Accessibility, Transparency and Efficiency in capital formation for real world asset use cases.
Select Models and Use Cases


Banking Innovation: Solving for dynamic risk and transparency
Our experience in designing banking solutions has led to more robust financial systems. Across non financial and financial risks we along with our clients and partners, are solving for some of the toughest regulatory and commercial banking needs at scale.
IRRBB is an example of how we are working with our use case owners, innovative start up founders, and trusted channel partners to deliver timely value into the banking system:


What is IRRBB: An Introduction

Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB) refers to the potential impact on a bank's financial condition due to changes in interest rates. It's an essential risk type that banks must manage, as it can significantly affect their balance sheets, profitability, and overall financial stability. In


Cyber Hub: Maritime Border Security
Partnering with a trusted veteran Navy Seal Commander, his experienced DoD team and network, 4MG is helping to define the optimal framework, legal entity structure, operating and funding model to support innovation and acceleration of advanced technologies that will provide critical security of our cyber systems, maritime domains and infrastructure grids and operating systems.


Working with a top NFT Exchange platform to further develop a blockchain based community of influencers and participants expanding beyond traditional NFT tokens to compliantly support the marketing of Security Token Offerings (STOs) for participants in the the fast growing segment of RWA tokenization.


FinTech Marketplace
Establishing a new Fund and capital ladder system for a highly successful FinTech incubator/accelerator.
Leadership Team
Goutam Gandhi
Goutam is an innovative business and technology executive with over 25 years of experience in the tech and finance industries. He has held leadership positions at major institutions including Bank of America, American Express, Wells Fargo, SAP, and Invensys. Goutam also served as the Chief Information Officer for the Federal Reserve Bank.
Goutam advises and partners with C-level executives and stakeholders on efficiency improvements, risk management, and strategic development. He led several efforts like Check 21, Recovery resolution, Online Banking, financial product resiliency and Banking as a Service (Baas). He holds 5 patents and has led breakthroughs in FinTech, Digital Banking, CBDCs strategy and orchestrated 3 successful bank mergers. He worked with 6 Global FMUs. He's a partner in firms including 4MGroup, founder of several startups, and deeply involved in military tech, cyber security, and critical infrastructure protection.
Goutam serves as IT Advisor to VITA Information Technology Advisory Council for the Governor.
Goutam received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from WCE, India and executive MBA from VCU. He was commencement speaker at VCU for business graduates in 2018.

Goutam is passionate about community development, and is on board of several non profits and communities. He has proven reputation as a visionary and mission driven leader in the business, banking and global regulators world.
David Petrie
David began his career in banking at Barclays Bank in New York. He ultimately was responsible for the US dollar global investment portfolio for Barclay Bank PLC. He also oversaw management of the off-balance sheet Asset Back Commercial Paper Funding business for Barclays along with the USD repo desk. He worked directly with senior management and regulators to execute the 45 billion USD Lehman transaction at Barclays. In 2010 David moved to London to launch a new Euro short rates business for Barclays.
At Deutsche Bank, David ran the global strategic liquidity investment portfolio for DB and in 2013 became the co-head of Asset and Liability Management (ALM) overseeing the Combined US Operations $350B balance sheet. David was the IRRBB lead for DB North America.
David, Scott and Goutam co-founded 4M Group to accelerate tangible client value while democratizing innovation driven benefits across a growing number of ecosystems.
As Managing Directors at Texture Capital and Managing Partners at 4M Group LLC, they raise equity and debt capital for clients while accelerating select clients into domain specific opportunities for raising revenue, attracting talent, and executing at scale across key domains of expertise.
David has invested into communities in need for many years. Specifically, David works with non-profits in the NJ and NY area that focus on aiding the most urgently in need.
David is ferociously curious about our world and believes we can change it for the better with great partners and clients.
Scott Frayser
Experienced technology entrepreneur and finance executive, with Managing Partner experience in leading and executing a wide range of strategic, operational and financial advisory transactions.
Managing Director and Partner positions held at global banking institutions, middle market M&A Investment Banks and within privately-held emerging growth companies. Broad experience in working with entrepreneurs and business founders, to achieve their initial strategy, growth and capital markets objectives.
Experienced in technology commercialization and leadership of early-stage and growth ventures, including structuring global business strategy, corporate organization and capital strategy for societal enhancement and impact technologies, These included multiple technology commercialization ventures originated from the Air Force Research Labs as well as other university and government research facilities. Focus has been on disruptive technologies in the environmental, sustainability, human performance and and infrastructure security sectors.
Co-founder, COO and Managing Director of Matrix Capital Markets Group, Inc. a leading middle market investment banking firm for nearly two decades.
Significant capital markets and investment banking experience leading professionals at Wells Fargo Advisors, as Managing Director of M&A Advisory Services.
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June 4, 2024 - Arcesium and 4MG webinar on Liquidity and Capital


Capital & Liquidity Management

Join us on June 26th as we discuss strategies for adapting to regulatory changes and leveraging technology to navigate the evolving banking landscape.

May 7th, 2024 - SRA and 4MG announce a new era in banking risk management!


SRA Consulting and 4M Group Join Forces to Transform Risk Management in the Banking Sector

Announcing the launch of Proprietary AI Risk Maturity Framework from SRA and 4MG!

March 2024 - 4MG introduction to Family Offices.


4MG for Family Offices

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Cyber Hub Use Case for 4mg website

The Mission: to deliver cutting edge Maritime focused Cyber Security & Threat Protection through its {Confidential Location} based Tech & Cyber Security Hub.

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